Luminato // Copy Cat Academy

The Copycat Academy is a weeklong school for 20 emerging artists from all around the world and from a variety disciplines. The Academy takes the work and biography of a living artist as the model for its curriculum.

The 2014 pilot started by hijacking one of the most influential artist collectives of the late 20th century: Toronto based General Idea. This was meant to be idolatry and cult. Or more precisely an act of mimicry. Or more accurately it was a critical test of thought and practice, a laboratory where 20 participants could observe the emergence of meaning while they occupied and replicated themselves in the host. A master class with an absent master.

The Copycat Academy runs during Luminato the Festival as a new annual program, created and conceived by Hannah Hurtzig, Founder of Mobile Academy Berlin and produced by the Luminato Festival. The inaugural edition featured artists from Argentina, India, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, and, of course, from Toronto, Montreal and Saskatoon.