A design and software development studio based in Toronto & Montreal, working mostly with artists, designers, not-for-profits & cultural organizations.

Things we do:
Web design & development
Music, sound design, & audio production for film, theatre, exhibition, & online
Interactive software development and design [MAX/MSP, PD, java/jquery]
Hardware development for art installation and performance [raspberry Pi, Arduino]

Recent Clients:
Public Recordings / art collective [website project w/ Jeremy McCormick]
It Could Still Happen / theatre company [website project]
The Intergenerational LGBTQ Residency
 / artist residency [website project]
Squint Fucker Press / publisher [website project]
thenamesofdancers.org / art project [website / software project]
Hercinia Arts Collective / arts group (Akasha & Inhertia audio design and music composition]
Christie Pearson / architect and artist [website project]
Christof Migone / artist [website project / ‘Today Calls‘ & ‘Flipper C‘ software projects ]
Anne Bourne / musician [website project]
Glen Hall / musician [website project]
Brodie West / musician [website project]
Allison Cameron / composer [website project]
La calq / anonymous artist [website project]
Paul Chambers / artist [software development]
Saint Clarens Records / record label [website coming soon]